Jarrett Ward is a tattoo artist at Short North Tattoo in Columbus, OH. Hours: Wed.- Sun. 12-8 p.m. Contact staff@jwardtattoos.com


I can now be found tattooing with two of my best friends, Eli Ling and Kyle Hunter at Luxury Tattoo in beautiful Hilliard, Oh. The shop is a clean comfortable environment filled with versatile tattooers putting out top notch tattoos daily. Fell free to give me a call there at 614.777.6227 for appointment and walk-in information.

Along with a new shop, I’ve also updated this site and have added even more ways to get in touch with me. I can now be reached during work hours (Tues-Sun 12-8pm) by text or call via a work cell at 614.632.5341. Please use it, just don’t abuse it. Thank you. Also, check out the site for many updates including new photos in my portfolio. thank you.


Loads of new stuff going on with this site.  Immediate information. Easier navigation. A fully optimized website using analytics to measure traffic, users, pages visited, etc. Im excited for the changes and greatly appreciate my very talented friend Alexandra Smith of www.aesmithcreates.com for her wonderful knowledge and dedication. Check her out for your website needs and continue to check back as we work together to make this site more enjoyable and easy to use. Thank you Alex! 


This site is a constant work in progress. I'd like to continue updating it on a regular basis. I've added a F.A.Q. page with a small summary of questions I think are important. I've always felt there isn't enough correct information about tattooing out in the world, so with this site I'd like to put out more correct helpful info.  I tried to make my answers thorough to both harder questions and to the simple yet confusing ones. This way, even the first time tattoo "virgin" can understand. Please take a moment to read over them, and if you have any questions or feel I should add something, don't hesitate to email. Tattooing take effort and team work from both the artist and client. I appreciate working with and learning from both tattoo masters and people new to this amazing world.



I've just begun a new life, in a brand new city. The city of Columbus, Oh. Not far from my old stomping grounds of Cleveland, Oh. but far enough to feel the excitement of new possibilities along with great new ventures and adventures. I've left my home of so many years to gain knowledge and further hone my craft. I have started at Short North Tattoo and look forward to what the future has in store there. Now that I'm new to the city and lack clientele, I must step up my hustle and spread the gospel of  the time honored traditions of crisp bold outlines, smooth shading, and solid color. With that being said, welcome to my new website. I hope to continually use this as a tool to provide a glimpse into real tattooing and also provide much needed information about how to get a quality tattoo. Please take your time while browsing and check back frequently for updates and blog posts filled with art, action, and adventure. thank you.